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For the Love of Tap Dance

Last night I sat in my room with my mom while we watched this weeks episode of World of Dance. One of the duels was between Les Twins and Kyle Van Newkirk. Their styles of dance were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum with the Les Twins being more hip-hop and Kyle a tap dancer. Les Twins got to pick who their opponent was for this duel and during one of the brief interviews with them, it was obvious why they picked Kyle. Unlike most of the other contestants who chose groups or individuals to duel in order to be challenged, Les Twins chose Kyle because they had no doubt that they would win even though they did not come right out and say that exactly. They basically dissed tap and made me like them even less.

Now, I am not saying they are bad dancers because they are not, but their style is not my cup of tea and the attitude they had towards tap just did not sit well with me. In my opinion, a tap dancer should never have to go up against hip-hop dancers because the technique for each of the styles is so unique and different from the other. How can the judges possibly compare the two fairly? It is not possible. I say this because I was and still am a dancer at heart.

I started dancing when I was 3 1/2 years old at Becky Seamster Dance Studio and kept dancing with the studio for 15 years until I graduated from high school. The styles I danced included ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, and modern. I also tried pointe for a year, but decided that it was not for me and I was better off sticking to ballet. Out of all of the styles, however, tap was and always will be my favorite. Whenever I put my shoes on and stepped onto a stage or in a classroom, all of my troubles would melt away and all my concentration would be on the sounds I was creating with my feet. No other dance style could make me feel the kind of peace that tap dancing gave me.

Back when I was in middle school, the love I had for dance was so strong that I believed that I would go to college and pursue a professional career. Shortly after 7th and 8th grade, that all changed…After I hit a certain age and was old enough to go into the studio alone, my mom allowed me to do so without coming inside and watching my classes. I appreciated this because I liked being able to surprise her with what we were working on and it made me feel mature when I would go in alone.

However, most of the other moms were always in the waiting room watching every dance class. It came to a point where I felt like I was being judged because when I would sneak glances out the window, some of the moms would be watching me instead of their daughter and all I could wonder was what I was doing wrong. Then came drama within the competition team that I had joined my 6th grade year. To add on even more, I began to hear people talk about me. Not only some of the girls, but also some of the moms when they thought I could not hear them. I do not remember what was said exactly, but I do remember that from that point on my love for dance slowly started to dissipate.

I quit the competition team after my 3rd year as a member due to money problems and also needing a break from it all. During my year off, I missed competing and seeing all the girls head to Chicago for the competitions made me very jealous. The next comp season came around and my grandpa told me he was willing to help pay for the costs if I really wanted to do it again so I decided I would give it one more try. It was a fun season, but it also made me realize that my heart was not in it like it used to be. Something inside me that had loved dance with my whole being had been broken. That comp season was my fourth and final one. I continued taking regular classes and performing in the recital all the way through high school, but I knew I would never pursue dance in a professional way after that.

Yes, there are days I miss dance, but that is because dance will always hold a piece of my heart and I could never deny that. That piece of my heart mainly belongs to tap, however, due to that being the style I connected to the most and the one that came the easiest to me even with its challenges. I still love dance, but not in the same way I used to and as I have gotten older, I realize that is the path God wanted me to take. Everything happens for a reason even if we do not understand those reasons at the time. tap 5-1tap 2-1

So I would love to see Les Twins try tap dancing and then hear what they have to say about it.

Have you been watching World of Dance? If yes, what are your thoughts?


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My First Job

First off, let me apologize for not posting in over a week for those of you that keep up with my blog (keep spreading the word about how awesome it is! *please and thank you*). If this is your first time reading my blog: I appreciate the steps you took to get here and I hope you decide to take the time and read through my past posts and hit that subscribe button in the bottom right corner! I promise you will not be disappointed…

I have been very busy this past week and could not find a time to sit down and type out the happenings of my life or the thoughts that have flitted through my brain. A major event happened this past week in my life: I got my first ever job! I now work at a gas station and there is so much information to try and absorb that I always have this tiny part of me that is afraid of messing up. I already knew the people that work in gas stations work very hard, but I do not think I ever truly knew just how hard they work. Since I have started working, I can testify to just how hard and tiring the job is. Here are a few of the things I have already learned…

  • There are so many different types and brands of cigarettes. So. Many. I do not smoke so I had no clue just how many there are. I have been in gas stations plenty of times, but I never notice or really look through their cigarette supply. tenor2
  • My job is to work the register and help with the front of the store whether it be stocking, cleaning, or other side work. Since being at the register, I have really  started to appreciate the customers that use their credit or debit cards to pay because it just makes my job so much easier. idiva_gifs_things_a_person_suffering_from_anxiety_wants_to_tell_her_friends_8_1
  • Trying to change the trash outside while it is windy is one of the hardest things I think I will ever do. It. Is. Windy. All. The. Time. It is especially more difficult when you have to double line all the trash cans. It is a lot like trying to keep your umbrella under control during a windy rain storm…tRY4Rg
  • Ask questions if you are not sure what you are doing. It is best to have something done right rather than risking the task getting done incorrectly. zJDk7_s-200x150
  • Last, but not least, be kind and patient with all customers. No matter the mood the customer is in, take it in stride and smile with pride. Ha…see what I did there? I am a poet and I did not know it. emma-watson-laugh-smile


I only have two more shifts left before I am considered done with training for the most part. Am I nervous? I would not be me if I was not. Jobs are not meant to be “easy peasy lemon squeezy”. I am ready to tackle this next step in my life before going back to school and classes in August!

Any thoughts or comments? Type below or like always, shoot me an email! (Found in the ‘contact’ section of my blog)




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Decluttering for a Peace of Mind

Everyone has a pet peeve and sometimes even more than one. I have multiple, but for this post I will focus on one of my main pet peeves. The culprit: DISORGANIZATION/UNORGANIZATION. (There is a slight difference in meaning between the two words, but in my case I will be using both to stand for the same thing)

Right now, my room is the epitome of disorganization and has been for almost a week now. I just recently came back home from college for the summer and brought back everything that was in my dorm. I noticed first off that I was going to have issues unpacking, but the mountain I had to tackle became a lot bigger when I began to put away clothes. I could not get them all to fit at all! How did I end up with so many clothes??? I had to shove random articles of clothing in drawers that I would never put them in. My closet was overflowing and I felt defeated. A couple days later I came to a realization that not only were my summer clothes out, but so were most of my fall/winter clothes. For those of you reading this, do yourself a favor and store away your winter clothes when it is summer and the opposite for when it is fall/winter. I got lazy last summer because I was too busy stressing about my first year of college. It made a HUGE difference in my closet because just picking out a select few articles to give to Goodwill will not make a dent. Trust me, I tried that tactic first.

I still have piles of winter clothing stacked on my floor waiting to be stored away, but I have made bounds and leaps when it comes to the organization of my clothes and I will definitely be more mindful when I pack for my next semester at school. Even though my clothes may be close to decluttered, I still have crates and trash bags full of miscellaneous items to unpack from my dorm room. Because of this, my next step is to declutter my entire room. I am going to go through and make tough decisions on what things I should keep, give away, or throw away. Most likely, my room will get even more messier than it already is before it gets clean. If you could see my room right now, you would be wondering how I make it to my bed to sleep at night.

Overall, I am an organized person in all parts of my life. There may be times where I become disorganized, but I do not let it last for long. This organized part of me has slowly been losing its mind over the state of my room. I am going to declutter, declutter, and declutter some more until organization has won over yet again. Luckily, I received my new Life Planner by Erin Condren *pictured below* in the mail the other day and I cannot wait to begin using it. It will definitely help keep even more organization in my life.


Are you an organized or unorganized person? Leave me your thoughts and comments below or shoot me an email! I love discussing different ways to stay organized 🙂


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Time Flies By

It seems like just yesterday I was starting my 6th grade year at my new school and now my freshman year of college is coming to a close. We only have 7 days of classes left until finals begin and then it is summer break. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I always knew that time goes by fast, but life feels like it is going at the speed of lightning right now. Today I finished putting in my applications for summer jobs, or should I say my first job ever. I know I know. I am 19 years old and have yet to have my first job. That is because during high school, I was either dancing, playing soccer, or doing homework. I wanted to give my school work priority so I made sure to not overflow my already decently full plate. I like to give 100% or close to 100% commitment to all of my life endeavors. Now I am in college and having a job is not only a want, but a need and that is ringing ever more true as time ticks by and gains speed rather than slowing down.

With this realization of time flying by came a realization that I needed to put more positive thinking in my life. I always try to be pretty optimistic, but I definitely have my days where that optimism flies out the window. So I have turned some of my negative thoughts into positive ones and ever since then I have felt more content. Life is too short to let it be consumed by grey when it could be dressed up with color.


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I’m Shy and I’m Proud

Hi, my name is Alexis (Lexi) and I am shy. I have never once tried to deny that fact. It is a part of who I am and I proudly embrace it.

Back when I was young and throughout elementary, I was an overall shy kid. Then came the summer before my sixth grade year when we moved (about 20 minutes away) and I had to start all over at a new school with new people and try to make friends. My level of shyness went from about a 5 to an 8 real fast. I was the same person at home, but when it came to school I barely spoke unless I was spoken to. That did not gain me a lot of friends and I was not surprised, but greatly appreciated those who actually did try to get to know little ole sixth grade me. I actually had a friend tell me in high school that back in sixth grade they thought I was a “bad word that starts with the letter B” just because I never really spoke. I laughed at this and was shocked because I am seriously a nice person and hate being mean. Those that took the time to get to know me outside of school could see that at home I spoke a lot more, danced around everywhere, and could get pretty crazy/weird at times (we are all weird in our own ways).

As the years passed I slowly took baby steps to come out of the shell that I had let envelop me. Did I come completely out of the shell? No, I did not and to this day consider myself back down to a shy level of 4 or 5. So if you think I am shy then you would be correct, but do not let that put you off from speaking to me. Because once you get to know me and I become comfortable around you, you will wonder where the shy girl went. The shy part of me does not make up my whole personality, but in order to discover the rest of my personality you have to be willing to break through that barrier.

Being shy or an introvert is not a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay in on the weekends and read, watch television/movies, or have a small get together with friends. There is nothing wrong with bringing a book to delve into before class begins. There is nothing wrong with being you. Love yourself and embrace all the quirks that make you who you are. Do not let anyone try to change you unless you want to change and are only doing it for yourself and no one else.

The day I truly embraced being shy was the day that I felt most like myself and not like I was trying to please anyone. Those that love me love the shy part of me so why should I not love that part of me all the same?


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An Open Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

I came into this world unknowing that I would be raised by the best mother in the world. The older I got, the closer we became. I could not be more thankful that I did not let my teenage years tear us apart. I have had multiple friends come and go, whom I had thought were my best friends, but only you have been the one constant best friend in my life that I know I can always count on. Whether we are together or apart, you are always there for me and I am always there for you.

When you are hurting, I am hurting. When you are happy, I am happy. I cherish every moment we have and I absolutely cannot imagine life without you. I hate it when we fight, but when we do it only makes our relationship even stronger. Technology definitely has its pros and cons, but without it I would not be able to keep in touch with you everyday. The ability to text you and call you whenever I need to is what keeps me going.

There has never been a time in my life where I felt I could not tell you something and you are always the first person I go to with any news or life happenings. You know all my secrets. You know everything that is good about me and everything that is bad. When I feel as though I am going to fall off the edge of a cliff, you are the rock that keeps me steady. The biggest blessing God has ever given me is you.


I love that when I changed my contact name in your phone to “Sixela” over a year ago, you never changed it back and it has been that way ever since. I love that when we gave condiment nicknames to everyone in our immediate family, you became “Mayonnaise” while I became “Syrup”, and we frequently refer to each other as those nicknames almost everyday. I love that you love reading and watching television just as much as I do. I love that you are not afraid to tell me when I am being stupid or in the wrong. I love the way that you always put your kids before yourself even though there are times we want to put you first. But most importantly, I love you, with all my heart, forever and always.

You are the Sulley to my Mike, the Scott to my Stiles, the Lorelai to my Rory,  and the Cristina to my Meredith. You are my person and I would not want it any other way.

With Love,




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A Love/Hate Relationship

It’s 4 a.m. in the morning and all you want to do is sleep, but then a crackle of lightning sounds and not long after you are fully awakened by the loud boom of thunder. You roll your eyes to stare at the ceiling and pray that the end of this storm is near even though it has just begun…

At least, this is how it usually goes for me no matter what time of the night it is when a storm impedes on my sleep. As a little girl, I would go sprinting into my parents bedroom to tap my mom on the shoulder and then admit in a trembling voice, “I’m scared, can I sleep with you guys?” If I am being completely honest, I just did not want to have to lie in an empty bed waiting for the storm to be over when I could be safely tucked away between the two people that care for me the most. Presently, at 19 years of age, I have not gotten much better when it comes to dealing with storms. If I am at home, there are still those times where I will go walking (not sprinting) to my parents room to inform them that I am awake and might need to stay the night with them because when it comes to storms, I am and probably always be, a partly-scared little girl.

Being at college and waking up in the middle of the night because of a stupid storm is no fun at all. This happened just last night and I was not necessarily scared, but I was frustrated. This week seemed to last forever and last night my one wish was to get a good night’s sleep which obviously did not happen. As you can see, all of what I have mentioned so far is a part of the ‘hate’ side to the relationship.

Now, the ‘hate’ portion of the relationship greatly outweighs the ‘love’ portion, but it is still there. There have been rare times in my life where I wake up feeling as though I just had the best sleep of my life and then someone in my family gives me the best news: I slept through an awful thunderstorm and even my sister woke up from it. After recovering from my shocked expression, I smile like I have just won an award. This is one instance where I love thunderstorms; the challenge of sleeping through a storm is one I rarely conquer so the satisfaction is quite big when it actually happens.

Of course, storms do not only occur during the night, but also let their presence be known during the daytime on occasion. I do not mind those at all, as long as I am able to be inside for the duration. The only instances that daytime storms get to me is when they produce a tornado watch or warning, but we will not get into that because that it just a whole other level of scared for me…

What about you? Are you a storm lover? Hater? Or more hate and a little love like me?