College Pet Peeves

My Sophomore year of college has begun and wow, has it been crazy! Crazy enough that it has been weeks on end since I have published a post on here and for that, I sincerely apologize. I promise to try my best to post more, but on that note, it will most likely be more spread out instead of weekly. This past week however, a lightbulb inside my brain went off for my new topic…drumroll please…

College Pet Peeves!

This list could probably go on forever, but I am going to highlight some of the most important ones on my personal list:

  • Being sick on campus

This pet peeve does not count for those students that are commuters and get to go home and live through the illness there. No, this pet peeve is for those of us that have to suffer in our dorm rooms without the ability to go home and fall dead into the comfort of our beds. I have had a bad cold this past week and all I wanted to do was jump in my car and make the almost two hour drive home. Alas, I could not ūüė¶

  • Waking up early

Last year, I was lucky enough that my earliest class did not start until 9 a.m. and that was not even until second semester. However, this semester, I have an 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This means my alarm is set for 6:45 a.m. those mornings and I am barely surviving. For all of you college students out there suffering through 8 a.m.’s, I feel your pain.

  • Being a picky eater

My taste buds do not allow me to enjoy all the delicacies of food cuisine that exist in this world. I am a very picky eater and it shows when I am on campus. My meals continuously consist of either pizza, chips, pasta, cheese quesadillas, or burgers/fries. Sometimes, fruit makes it into the mix. Yes, I know, I am not a healthy person. When I am at home, I have more variety and am able to eat more foods that are healthy. Do not blame me, blame my taste buds. It is biology!

  • Rude Classmates

You all know who I am talking about, even if you are one of them. I am speaking of those students that talk while the professor is talking and obviously do not care that they are distracting other students. I did not earn scholarships and get student loans in order to attend this almost $50,000 tuition college just to talk during class and not learn. So it always boggles my mind those people that do just that. I had this issue in my psychology lecture class yesterday with a group of three girls sitting in front of me. It got so bad, in my opinion, that I felt like there were¬†hidden cameras in the room and I was on the show “What Would You Do?” Please, do not be that student. Not only for yourself, but¬†also for¬†those students around you.


Obviously, like I said before, this list could go on and on. Do you have any college pet peeves that I did not list here and you wish I had? Comment them down below ūüôā




Fictional Characters: Can’t Live With ‘Em, Can’t Live Without ‘Em

Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by the fictional characters that have been brought into our lives through television, movies, and books…


I can definitely say that I have felt personally victimized by them more times than I can possibly count. This past week I completed the entire 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy and I can unashamedly say I shed tears almost every episode. So when I was in the middle of sobbing during the final episode, a lightbulb went off in my brain as to what my topic should be for my next blog post. My immediate thought: “Write about fictional characters and how they make you sob.”

However, they make me feel more emotions than just sadness all the time. Anger, sadness, happiness, and surprise are just some of the emotions that fictional characters bring out in me. I will start out liking a character and then think to myself: I could never dislike, or even hate, this character! Then sometimes that character does something and my feelings of like turn to feelings of passionate dislike. Hate is a bad word and I try not to use it so I say passionate dislike instead, but sometimes I slip up. I mean, how could I even hate a fictional character? They are not even real and yet I am still stuck putting my entire soul into their storyline and feeling like the world is ending when something wrong happens. I can also be found raising my voice at books (inanimate objects) when certain characters are being frustrating.
Other moments I can be found smiling without even realizing it because, gosh darn it, fictional characters can also make me really happy.

So yes, I feel personally victimized by fictional characters A LOT, but I have survived and will continue to do so since I do not think I could live without the storylines that the writers of movies, television shows, and books allow us to be a part of.

Have you ever felt personally victimized by fictional characters? If yes, comment below which ones and we shall discuss the wrongs done to us if I too, have been personally victimized by that character.



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Reading is the Best Medicine

Ever since I was able to understand the different combinations letters can make on a piece of paper, I read as much as I could. I started out with picture books and moved my way up from there. Junie B. Jones dominated my young childhood years, Harry Potter dominated my late elementary and middle school years (still does), and now I am most of the time found with my nose stuck in a good romance novel. I am a sucker for those, I will admit. However, I read all types of genres and I am not averse to trying out something new.

Back in elementary, my school had a reading program called AR or Accelerated Reading. You would pick out books in your level, read them, and then take quizzes to earn points. After you earned so many points, a prize was headed your way. In my case, I earned so many points and received all the prizes that I got to go as far as reading a book to a younger class in the library and also helping out a teacher of my choice for a day during my fifth grade year. The library at my elementary was my favorite place to be during my K-5 years.

As I grew older, my love for books grew right along with me. I still have my dollhouse bookshelf that is filled with books along with a new bookshelf right next to it filled to the brim as well. I only plan on adding more to¬†the collection that I call my¬†“mini library”. No, I have not read many classics, but¬†you can bet¬†I¬†will be soon since I am in college and an English major! I was drawn to all the typical¬†YA novels in middle school¬†that either involved magic, vampires, werewolves,¬†teen drama, or dystopia. Let us not be rude here,¬†though. All of those YA novels I read are AMAZING and I do not doubt I will reread them again at some point in my lifetime.

Like I said before, I am currently and have been on a romance novel streak. One of my absolute favorite romance writers is Kristen Ashley. I actually just purchased one of her boxed sets today because I have always read her novels through my tablet. I am practically screaming on the inside just thinking about getting to hold a physical copy of one of her books and being able to read it that way. I have always preferred print over eBook, but until I have the money to splurge on the hundreds and thousands of novels I would love to have in my possession, free eBooks are the way I will go! Other amazing romance novelists include Stephanie Bond, Karen Robards, Jennifer Crusie, Linda Howard, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Tara Janzen, and so many more-it is impossible to list them all here. My mom is a huge fan of J.R. Ward and here in the very near future I plan on beginning her Black Dagger Brotherhood series РI am so excited to finally delve into these books you have no idea!!

Books give me life and I do not know how I would live without them. When you are sad, you can pull out a happy book and bam…mood lifted. Need to have a good cry? There are plenty of novels out there just for you. I read so much when I was younger that my parents would punish me after I got in trouble by taking away reading time. Those were dark times that I do not like to ponder. Once, during my early high school years, I was reading during dinner (a big no-no) and my dad grabbed the book right out my hands and hid it from me. I gave him the silent treatment the rest of the night, ha!

Will I eventually write my own novel one day? I honestly could not tell you right now, but I do know anything is possible in anyone’s life. You, my lovely reader, could write your own novel someday or become the next President of the United States because literally ANYTHING is possible if you put your mind to it.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars”



The Genius of a Songwriter

This past Thursday my family and I got to attend a concert. This concert was held at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, IN and did not start on time due to a storm that passed through. However, unlike the people that gave up and left/tried to sell their tickets, we stuck it out because nothing was going to stop us from seeing these amazing artists.¬†This concert was called the Honda Civic Tour with James Arthur opening (sounded just like the album, oh my goodness I fell more in love)¬†followed by Fitz¬†& the Tantrums¬†and last, but not least, One Republic came on and graced the stage (cue screaming). Not too long ago I became a pretty big fan of James Arthur and have had his album entitled “Back from the Edge” on repeat in my car. When it comes to Fitz¬†& the Tantrums, everyone knows their one song that is on the radio all. the. time. but their other music is really good and catchy as¬†well so I made sure to take a listen before the date of the concert. My ears have been listening to One Republic for years and years without having seen them in concert. When the day finally came, I¬†was more than excited and¬†the show was better than I could have expected…

Ryan Tedder is the lead singer of One Republic and if you do not know who they are or who he is please go to google and do yourself a favor. I shall post a group photo below for your enjoyment:

One Republic portraits - Sydney

First off, Ryan Tedder does not write songs for¬†only his band. He has written and co-written several pieces with other major artists including Beyonc√©, Adele, and Ed Sheeran. Ryan is just plain amazing so if you do not listen to One Republic, it is now obvious that you should. Pull out your smartphones, tap that YouTube button, and go nuts. During the concert, he sang¬†“Halo” (Beyonc√©), “Rumor Has It” (Adele), and “Happier” (Ed Sheeran). I love all the original versions of these songs and I now officially have a second favorite¬†for each.¬†If you¬†would like to take a listen to Ryan performing these songs, shoot me an¬†email and I can send you the short videos I took.

Every song Ryan writes has meaning and when he sings, you can hear the emotion and the love that he has for music. He does not just go through the motions. He gives¬†the¬†performance his all and never disappoints. I¬†made the title of this post “The Genius of a Songwriter” because that is exactly what Ryan Tedder is. He is humble, he is brilliant when it comes to songwriting and music in general, and he is not hard on the eyes either (bonus!). Ryan gives the world of music his heart and soul, so what more could we ask for? When One Republic came out and after they sang a few songs, Ryan confessed he was afraid that the show was not going to happen because of the weather, but then God said ‘let there be music’.

20170713_225704“I’m a sucker for pop melodies, things you can’t get out of your head” – Ryan Tedder

I know you are itching to go listen to One Republic songs now so I will conclude this post with lyrics from one of their songs…

Hope when you take that jump, You don’t feel the fall
Hope when the water rises, You built a wall
Hope when the crowd screams out,¬†They’re screaming your name
Hope if everybody runs, You choose to stay
Hope that you fall in love, And it hurts so bad
The only way you can know, is give it all you have
And I hope that you don’t suffer, But take the pain…
Hope when the moment comes, you’ll say
I…I did it all
I…I did it all
I owned every second that this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone
I swear I lived


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For the Love of Tap Dance

Last night I sat in my room with my mom while we watched this weeks episode of World of Dance. One of the duels was between Les Twins and Kyle Van Newkirk. Their styles of dance were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum with the Les Twins being more hip-hop and Kyle a tap dancer. Les Twins got to pick who their opponent was for this duel and during one of the brief interviews with them, it was obvious why they picked Kyle. Unlike most of the other contestants who chose groups or individuals to duel in order to be challenged, Les Twins chose Kyle because they had no doubt that they would win even though they did not come right out and say that exactly. They basically dissed tap and made me like them even less.

Now, I am not saying they are bad dancers because they are not, but their style is not my cup of tea and the attitude they had towards tap just did not sit well with me. In my opinion, a tap dancer should never have to go up against hip-hop dancers because the technique for each of the styles is so unique and different from the other. How can the judges possibly compare the two fairly? It is not possible. I say this because I was and still am a dancer at heart.

I started dancing when I was 3 1/2 years old at Becky Seamster Dance Studio and kept dancing with the studio for 15 years until I graduated from high school. The styles I danced included ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, and modern. I also tried pointe for a year, but decided that it was not for me and I was better off sticking to ballet. Out of all of the styles, however, tap was and always will be my favorite. Whenever I put my shoes on and stepped onto a stage or in a classroom, all of my troubles would melt away and all my concentration would be on the sounds I was creating with my feet. No other dance style could make me feel the kind of peace that tap dancing gave me.

Back when I was in middle school, the love I had for dance was so strong that I believed that I would go to college and pursue a professional career. Shortly after 7th and 8th¬†grade, that all changed…After I hit a certain age and was old enough to go into the studio alone, my mom allowed me to do so without coming inside and watching my classes. I appreciated this because¬†I liked being able to surprise her with what we were working on and¬†it made me feel mature when I would go in alone.

However, most of the other moms were always in the waiting room watching every dance class. It came to a point where I felt like I was being judged because when I would sneak glances out the window, some of the moms would be watching me instead of their daughter and all I could wonder was what I was doing wrong. Then came drama within the competition team that I had joined my 6th grade year. To add on even more, I began to hear people talk about me. Not only some of the girls, but also some of the moms when they thought I could not hear them. I do not remember what was said exactly, but I do remember that from that point on my love for dance slowly started to dissipate.

I quit the competition team after my 3rd year as a member due to money problems and also needing a break from it all. During my year off, I missed competing and seeing all the girls head to Chicago for the competitions made me very jealous. The next comp season came around and my grandpa told me he was willing to help pay for the costs if I really wanted to do it again so I decided I would give it one more try. It was a fun season, but it also made me realize that my heart was not in it like it used to be. Something inside me that had loved dance with my whole being had been broken. That comp season was my fourth and final one. I continued taking regular classes and performing in the recital all the way through high school, but I knew I would never pursue dance in a professional way after that.

Yes, there are days I miss dance, but that is because dance will always hold a piece of my heart and I could never deny that. That piece of my heart mainly belongs to tap, however, due to that being the style I connected to the most and the one that came the easiest to me even with its challenges. I still love dance, but not in the same way I used to and as I have gotten older, I realize that is the path God wanted me to take. Everything happens for a reason even if we do not understand those reasons at the time. tap 5-1tap 2-1

So I would love to see Les Twins try tap dancing and then hear what they have to say about it.

Have you been watching World of Dance? If yes, what are your thoughts?


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When Life Gives You a Rainy Day…


Today is a very rainy and gloomy day. It is one of those days that makes you want to crawl into bed and never come out. That is until the sun decides come out from behind the gray clouds and shine its rays down, increasing what little motivation we had to stumble out of the warm cocoon of our nests. If you know me, then you know what my number one go-to activity is on a rainy day: reading.

First off, I am not¬†the stereotypical “make myself a cup of tea and sit down with a nice book” gal. Overall, I am a very picky eater and drinker. I always have been and I will be surprised if that ever changes. I do not drink coffee, tea, orange juice, and other¬†beverages that are loved by people all over the¬†world. Unfortunately, this means I can never share those memes online talking about how tea and books go so well together and let me tell you, there are a lot of them out there.


For me, I just crack open a book or my tablet and get comfortable in my bed, on the couch, at the table, on the floor, or any other location where I can allow myself to put all attention on the words that are written on the pages in front of me. Sometimes I will multitask and read while watching television at the same time. I have gotten rather good at it, but it takes practice and I do not advise doing this if you are watching a very important television show. This happened to me a few times and I became so immersed in my book that I had no idea what is happening on the screen and then my mom got upset with me for asking.

As I said in¬†a past post, I know not everyone is going to want to read and as everyone knows there are more things you can occupy your time with on a rainy day…

– Have a movie day, alone or with friends/family.

– Spend time with a loved one or friend you have not seen in a while and just catch up. A rainy day is perfect weather for sitting and shooting the breeze with someone or discussing more important topics.

– Make it a lazy day and lay in bed all day while watching Netflix and stuffing your face with junk food because who does not love junk food??

РGet a group of people together and play some board/card games. Turn it into a competition if you want to raise the stakes.

– Google ideas because there are a lot out there and mine are obviously pretty generic so if you want to think outside of the box, google is your best friend.

– Do a combination of all these suggestions or just a few, it is all up to you!

*Do not forget to look for a rainbow when the rain is coming to an end, it is one of the best parts about rainy days*

What is your go-to activity on a rainy day? Comment your thoughts below



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My First Job

First off, let me apologize for not posting in over a week for those of you that keep up with my blog (keep spreading the word about how awesome it is! *please and thank you*). If this is your first time reading my blog: I appreciate the steps you took to get here and I hope you decide to take the time and read through my past posts and hit that subscribe button in the bottom right corner! I promise you will not¬†be disappointed…

I have been very busy this past week and could not find a time to sit down and type out the happenings of my life or the thoughts¬†that have flitted through my brain. A major¬†event happened this past week in my life: I got my first ever job! I now¬†work at a gas station and there is so much information to try and absorb that I always have this¬†tiny part of me that is afraid of messing up. I already¬†knew the people that work in gas stations work very hard, but I do not think I ever truly knew just how hard they work. Since I have started¬†working, I can testify to just how hard¬†and tiring¬†the job is. Here are a few of the things I have already learned…

  • There are so many different types and brands of cigarettes. So. Many.¬†I do not smoke so I had no clue just how many there are. I have been in gas stations plenty of times, but I never notice or really look through their cigarette supply. tenor2
  • My job is to work the register and help with the front of the store whether it be stocking, cleaning, or other side work. Since being at the register, I have really¬† started to appreciate the customers that use their credit or debit cards to pay because it just makes my job so much easier. idiva_gifs_things_a_person_suffering_from_anxiety_wants_to_tell_her_friends_8_1
  • Trying to change the trash outside while it is windy is one of the hardest things I think I will ever do. It. Is. Windy. All. The. Time. It is especially more difficult when you have to double line all the trash cans. It is a lot like trying to keep your umbrella under control during a windy rain storm…tRY4Rg
  • Ask questions if you are not sure what you are doing. It is best to have something done right rather than risking the task getting done incorrectly. zJDk7_s-200x150
  • Last, but not least, be kind and patient with all customers. No matter the mood the customer is in, take it in stride and smile with pride. Ha…see what I did there? I am a poet and I did not know it. emma-watson-laugh-smile


I only have two more shifts left before I am considered done with training for the most part. Am I nervous? I would not be me if I was not. Jobs are not meant to be “easy peasy lemon squeezy”. I am ready to tackle this next step in my life before going back to school and classes in August!

Any thoughts or comments? Type below or like always, shoot me an email! (Found in the ‘contact’ section of my blog)