When Life Gives You a Rainy Day…


Today is a very rainy and gloomy day. It is one of those days that makes you want to crawl into bed and never come out. That is until the sun decides come out from behind the gray clouds and shine its rays down, increasing what little motivation we had to stumble out of the warm cocoon of our nests. If you know me, then you know what my number one go-to activity is on a rainy day: reading.

First off, I am not the stereotypical “make myself a cup of tea and sit down with a nice book” gal. Overall, I am a very picky eater and drinker. I always have been and I will be surprised if that ever changes. I do not drink coffee, tea, orange juice, and other beverages that are loved by people all over the world. Unfortunately, this means I can never share those memes online talking about how tea and books go so well together and let me tell you, there are a lot of them out there.


For me, I just crack open a book or my tablet and get comfortable in my bed, on the couch, at the table, on the floor, or any other location where I can allow myself to put all attention on the words that are written on the pages in front of me. Sometimes I will multitask and read while watching television at the same time. I have gotten rather good at it, but it takes practice and I do not advise doing this if you are watching a very important television show. This happened to me a few times and I became so immersed in my book that I had no idea what is happening on the screen and then my mom got upset with me for asking.

As I said in a past post, I know not everyone is going to want to read and as everyone knows there are more things you can occupy your time with on a rainy day…

– Have a movie day, alone or with friends/family.

– Spend time with a loved one or friend you have not seen in a while and just catch up. A rainy day is perfect weather for sitting and shooting the breeze with someone or discussing more important topics.

– Make it a lazy day and lay in bed all day while watching Netflix and stuffing your face with junk food because who does not love junk food??

– Get a group of people together and play some board/card games. Turn it into a competition if you want to raise the stakes.

– Google ideas because there are a lot out there and mine are obviously pretty generic so if you want to think outside of the box, google is your best friend.

– Do a combination of all these suggestions or just a few, it is all up to you!

*Do not forget to look for a rainbow when the rain is coming to an end, it is one of the best parts about rainy days*

What is your go-to activity on a rainy day? Comment your thoughts below




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