The 10 Stages of Buying a New Book

Today I treated myself and bought three new books to add to my shelves. Two of them, Before I Fall and Thirteen Reasons Why, are books that I first read in middle school, but did not buy a physical copy right away. The third one, Everything, Everything, is one I just recently read in the past month or so for the first time and fell in love. When I was figuring out what books to purchase and so on, I came up with my list of “The 10 Stages of Buying a New Book”, which I figure most avid readers and book lovers can relate to…

1- Contemplating which book(s) to buy from your forever long list that seems like it will never end since there are so many books and not enough money or space.


2- Check to see if you have a gift card to use. If not, question if it is worth it to spend out-of-pocket money.


3- The answer to that question is yes, it is always worth it…duh.


4- Drive to store to acquire book(s)

5- Try hard not to end up in store for hours staring at all the books you wish you could buy right at that minute.


6- Find the book(s) you want.

7- Smell the books and take in that wonderful new-book aroma.


8- Walk to cashier and happily hand over money for said book(s).

9- Go home feeling very satisfied with yourself and your new purchases.


10- Place the new book(s) on their proper shelf in order to join the rest of the family.




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