An Open Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

I came into this world unknowing that I would be raised by the best mother in the world. The older I got, the closer we became. I could not be more thankful that I did not let my teenage years tear us apart. I have had multiple friends come and go, whom I had thought were my best friends, but only you have been the one constant best friend in my life that I know I can always count on. Whether we are together or apart, you are always there for me and I am always there for you.

When you are hurting, I am hurting. When you are happy, I am happy. I cherish every moment we have and I absolutely cannot imagine life without you. I hate it when we fight, but when we do it only makes our relationship even stronger. Technology definitely has its pros and cons, but without it I would not be able to keep in touch with you everyday. The ability to text you and call you whenever I need to is what keeps me going.

There has never been a time in my life where I felt I could not tell you something and you are always the first person I go to with any news or life happenings. You know all my secrets. You know everything that is good about me and everything that is bad. When I feel as though I am going to fall off the edge of a cliff, you are the rock that keeps me steady. The biggest blessing God has ever given me is you.


I love that when I changed my contact name in your phone to “Sixela” over a year ago, you never changed it back and it has been that way ever since. I love that when we gave condiment nicknames to everyone in our immediate family, you became “Mayonnaise” while I became “Syrup”, and we frequently refer to each other as those nicknames almost everyday. I love that you love reading and watching television just as much as I do. I love that you are not afraid to tell me when I am being stupid or in the wrong. I love the way that you always put your kids before yourself even though there are times we want to put you first. But most importantly, I love you, with all my heart, forever and always.

You are the Sulley to my Mike, the Scott to my Stiles, the Lorelai to my Rory,  and the Cristina to my Meredith. You are my person and I would not want it any other way.

With Love,





2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Mom

  1. Thank you Lexi, I am constantly amazed that you are “my child” because you are so much better as a person than me. I am so grateful for the relationship we have. I love you.

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