“Thirteen Reasons Why” Was Worth the Wait

I first read the novel Thirteen Reasons Why back when I was in middle school. I was instantly captivated by the characters that Jay Asher created by bringing his pen (or whichever writing tool he preferred) to paper and giving us this beautiful, but tragic story. Middle school me anticipated a live-action adaptation to the novel after having read it and fallen in love with the heart-wrenching narrative. Now, about five years later, college me has finally received that adaptation after patiently waiting and never losing hope.

I have just finished watching “Tape 1, Side A” on Netflix and it is more than what I hoped for. I will forever be grateful to Selena Gomez for not giving up on this project after all these years and working hard to make it happen. The cast of the new Netflix adaptation could not be better suited for the characters I have seen thus far in the first episode. I highly suggest, if you have not read the novel, to take the time to do so before beginning the show. However, I know there are a lot of people already out there that have finished the show without having set their eyes upon a single word in the book. Alas, I cannot force you to open the paper novel or download and swipe the e-book to page one, but I can greatly encourage you to embark on the whirlwind of a journey that Jay Asher takes his readers on.

As for me, I will soon be found in the bookstore purchasing this amazing novel by Jay Asher since middle school me stupidly put off doing so…



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